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Quantum oscillations in the stock market, Wilmott Magazine, 2022 (forthcoming).

Quantum propensity in economics (with Monireh Houshmand), Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 2021.

A quantum walk model of financial options, Wilmott Magazine, March 2021.

The Color of Money: Threshold Effects in Quantum Economics, Quantum Reports 3(2), 325-332, 2021.

Quantum financial entanglement: The case of strategic default, in: Quantum Decision Theory and Complexity Modelling in Economics and Public Policy, eds. Chakraborti et al. Springer-Cham (2021).

Quantum-tative Finance, Wilmott Magazine, March 2020.

The value of value: a quantum approach to economics, security and international relations, Security Dialogue, 51(5), 482-498, 2020. Also published as a chapter in: Quantum International Relations: A Human Science for World Politics, Der Derian J and Wendt A (Eds), Oxford University Press, 2022.

A Quantum Model of Supply and Demand, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 539C: 122928, 2020, preprint at SSRN.

Quantum Economics, Economic Thought, 7 (2), 63-81, 2018.

A Quantum Theory of Money and Value, Part 2: The Uncertainty Principle, Economic Thought, 6 (2), 14-26, 2017.

A Quantum Theory of Money and Value, Economic Thought, 5 (2), 19-28, 2016.

BBEДEHИE B MATEMATИКУ КBAHTOBOЙ ЭКOHOMИКИ (Russian translation of mathematics primer) .

Quantum impact and the supply-demand curve. Discussion paper available at SSRN.

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